Short trips
Camping La Plage is ideally and centrally located to make exciting short trips. The many attractions are within easy reach for a one day getaway. The following sightseeings are virtually on your doorstep.
Bütgenbach (12km)
Bütgenbach Bütgenbach is located at the Bütgenbach Dam. Or is it the other way around... The coast paht leads off in excellent walks and a number of dedicated spots to swimm and sail. Bütgenbach is renowned for its unique attraction, which is railbiking. More About: Bütgenbach
Büllingen (17km)
Büllingen The village of Büllingen is situated in an area which is part of the Ardennes and the Eifel - the Nature Reserve 'Hoge Venen-Eifel'. The surrounding hills provide the natural seclusion which makes this a truly tranquil setting for holidaymakers. However, it is not the romantic getaway we are interested in. Büllingen is the home of the airport Büllingen, center of the hustle and bustle of the Ultra Light planes. Departure of your flight above the Ardens and Robertville. Just advise information about a delightful flight with the owner of our camping. Please check the website of airport of Büllingen ... Büllingen
Monschau (24km)
Monschau Monschau is worth a visit! With its historical old tonw and unique location amidst the famous hedges and impressive scenery of the surrounding Venn region, Monschau is a health climate region with plenty to offer. As a stroll through its winding alleys will soon reveal, the beautiful half timbered houses harbour a rich mosaic of art, culture and museums. And donot forget to visit the Red House of Louis XVI, it reflects the splendor of the 18th century. More about Monschau: Monschau
Plopsa Coo & waterfalls (27km)
Watervallen van Coo Plopsa Coo is a vast tourist attraction at the foot of the famous Waterfalls of Coo, wehere more than 20 attractions hav been arranged in de midst of natur. You can enter teh site for free, however each atraction is charged for. At Plopsa Coo you can enjoy nature to the full. Take a ride on the Chair Lift and enjoy the fantastic view on the Valley of the Ambleve. There are several terraces in the park looking out on the gorgeous Waterfalls of Coo. Go to the website first: Plopsa Coo
Spa-Francorchamps (30km)
Spa-Francorchamps The circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, the racetrack with its illustrious history, this temple of racing is worshipped by Formula 1 drivers. It's a track that thrills like no other. You can also experience this sensation with our Thrill Packages, our Public Driving Days or our Test Days. Make the most of your visit to our region toplan a guided tour through our facilities. Read more: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps
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