Our recommendations
Ideally situated close to the 'Hoge Venen' in the Belgian Ardennes, Camping La Plage has everything you need for a fun filled family holidays. There is a wealth of sites you can visit by bike and car. On this page we recommend a selected number of attractions.
Waterrecreation parc (0.1km)
Bassin The waterrecreation parc 'Bassin de Natation' is cradled on the banks of Lake Robertville. On its natural banks you will find a sandy beach and a grass lawn to relax. The many facilities of the Bassin include: rental of waterbikes and rowboats. Our camping is approximately 100 meters away. You can easily reach it in a couple of minutes by foot or by bike. For more information: Bassin
Scenery walks and bike tours
Bikeroutes Camping La Plage is starting- en finishing point of a number of scenery walks and bike routes.
  • Scenic route 1 'Roundabout Lake Robertville' : 5 km
  • Scenic route 2 'Robertville, Walk, Longfaye, Ovifat' : 11 km
  • Bike route 1 'Roundabout Lake Robertville' : 14 km

  • Scenery walks 'Grant Route National', surf to: RouteYou website

  • Bike Tours 'Total of 800 km marked trails', surf to: RouteYou website
    Mountainbike routes
    Mountainbiken For the holidaymaker searching for thrills, can unwind by using the challenging surroundings by mountain bike. The routes are pointed-out by route signing. These will keep you on track and lead you through the wonderfully divers area. And keeps you away from private properties.
  • MTB-route 0 'Camping La Plage - Malmedy' (One Way): 10.4 km
  • MTB-route 1 'Panorama of Malmedy': 11.2 km
  • MTB-route 2 'The Stone pit of Warche' : 21.1 km

  • For more routes, visit the website: Organisor Mountainbike VTT MTB
    Castle & Waterfall Reinhardstein (4.5km)
    Reinhardstein Castle Reinhardstein, or also called 'Burg Metternich is located along the River Warche. The river is also the source for the 60 meter high waterfall and dam. We advise you to visit this site. Chateau Reinhardstein
    Signal de Botrange (6km)
    Signal de Botrange Situated in the heart of the the peaceful natural seclusion wooded high plateau of the 'Hautes Fagnes', the nature Centre of Botrange. The highest point of Belgium counting 700 meters. It is a relaxing break with a breathtaking view at any time of the year. Especially in winter, Botrange is visited by holidaymakers enjoying the ski downhill and ski trails for langlaufen. Andif you want learn how to ski downhill, the are professional ski instructors, ski rental facilities. We herewith invite you, since everything is available to you for a perfect ski holiday or a break to sniff up the fresh air in the beautiful winter scenery. More information at: Ski Botrange
    Hoge Venen (7.5km)
    Hoge Venen The area of 'Hoge Venen' is largely located in the Belgian Ardens and part of it stretches into the nature reserve of the Eifel. The name 'Hoge Venen' (Hoge means high) will not surprise you, that this countryside of Belgium with a total area of 9.000 acres is territory of the divers wildlife; wild boar, and other big game. More information at: Hoge Venen
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